Exclusive Rebate Program

IC Markets offers competitive commissions on FX trading, $7 per 1.00 lot (round trade). But what if you could save more? Join our Exclusive Rebate Program and enjoy $5.50 per 1.00 lot (RT). New and existing IC Markets clients can join.

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Spreads from 0.0 PIPS

IC Markets True ECN offers trading conditions with spreads as low as 0.0 pips. Their technology offers what no other broker can! No requotes, No manipulation and No restrictions to high volume scalpers and EA traders.

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ASIC Regulated

IC Markets gives clients the trust and peace of mind by being regulated by (ASIC), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. IC Markets practices are monitored and your funds kept segragated.

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IC Markets Discount

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IC Markets spreads comparison