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Give a boost to your trading capabilities with IC Markets Rebates Discounts

The IC Markets Rebates are some of the highest Automatic Real Time Rebates available. Earn a refund of $1.50 instantly every time you trade (1.00 / Volume) round turn lot. The 20% Rebates can be obtained by opening and IC Markets True ECN Account (mt4) through our site. Test out the powerful features and power of the True ECN  by opening a Demo Account.

Given below are some of the IC Markets Rebate rates that you can expect:

  1. $1.50 per round turn lot for MT4 True ECN
  2. Low commission of $5.50 instead of $7
  3. Lightning fast execution speads
  4. Low spreads: 0.0 on EURUSD

Standard Account
Opening Deposit


0.4 Pip Rebate

500:1 Leverage

Spread from 1.0 Pips

Extreme Scalping


EA Robots

High Volume Traders
Opening Balance

$5.5 / Vol 1.00 Lot

8% Real Time Discount

500:1 Leverage

Spread from -0.3 pips

Extreme Scalping


EA Robots

IC Markets created the Rebates program with the ideal objective of giving more power and flexibility to the trader. They are also known for their relentless efforts in assisting clients worldwide. The IC Markets rebates when coupled with low spreads it enables clients to trade EURUSD to keep more money in their account or allocate it in other trading ideas.

What types of traders get the IC Markets Rebates True ECN Account?

IC Markets is essentially known to be a place where you can get access to the True ECN Forex Account. This account offers the most effective trading solutions  for active day traders and scalpers. New traders also benefit from the True ECN Account due to the low latency connectivity along with excellent liquidity facilities.

Given below are some of the best features of IC Markets worth knowing:

  1. 0.0 pips are used for True ECN Spreads: In addition to the True ECN pricing you also get the added benefit of liquidity from as many as 50 different banks along with dark pool liquidity sources. This helps tighten the spread across 60 pairs of Forex 24/5.
  2. Possibility of increased trading opportunities on Meta Trader 4: You get the opportunity to trade with up to 17 major indices as well as future contracts. This also includes the FTSE 100 along with Dow Jones Index every hour of the day which can also ensure a spread of one point.
  3. Commendable speed in terms of execution of the order: The trade servers for the IC Markets are located in New York and London in the NY4 and LD5 IBX Equinix Data centers. The ultra low latency fiber optic can be used to your advantage as it helps in the cross connection to a variety of VPS providers.

All the aforementioned features only work in a client’s favor making it a must to sign up for IC Markets Rebates.

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21% Rebates Discount on True ECN Account. New client simply sign up. Existing clients provide ID: 2677 to ICM chat and claim discount.Details