Exclusive to Our Site: Auto Rebates with New IC Markets Global Sign-Ups

Simply click "Get Rebates" and enter IB code xxxx during registration to instantly activate your rebates!

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Why IC Markets Rebates?

Rebates are like getting paid to trade! Adding IC Markets Rebates to your account means you're making money every time you trade. It's like your trades are working double-time: once for your investment and again for that sweet cashback. Dive in and let those rebates turbocharge your trading game!

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How to Activate your Rebates?

Both new and existing IC Markets clients can join the Rebates program. Activating your rebates is super easy; just follow a few simple steps. This quick setup lets you start earning cashback on your trades right away, boosting your trading benefits with every transaction. Ready to enhance your trading? Join now!

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FSA Regulated & Advance Tech

Under Seychelles FSA regulation, IC Markets Global safeguards your investments in segregated accounts. By joining our rebates program, each trade not only builds your portfolio but also adds cashback directly to your account. Enhance your trading game and watch your earnings grow!

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Welcome to ICMarketsDiscount.com

Welcome to ICMarketsDiscount.com, your official Rebates Providers® Partners ID: XXXX of IC Markets Global Raw Spreads. As trusted partners, we offer exclusive rebates and discounts to help traders access the most favorable trading conditions and efficiency. With our IC Markets Global Rebates and the superior trading conditions offered by ICM, you'll enjoy the lowest trading costs compared to any other broker worldwide. Experience the power of the most advanced broker today by signing up for a demo account and testing it yourself.

Maximize Your Trading: Why join our IC Markets Rebates?

Joining our IC Markets Discount program directly through our site offers distinct financial advantages, enhancing the profitability of your trading activities. Our program is tailored to reward both new and seasoned traders with rebates on every trade, effectively reducing trading costs and improving net gains. This rebate system is part of our commitment to providing competitive and cost-effective trading conditions.

Key Benefits from Our Site's IC Markets Discount Program:

  • Direct Savings: Every trade comes with a rebate, lowering transaction costs and boosting your overall profitability.
  • Open to All Traders: Available to all clients, regardless of their trading volume or market experience.
  • Reduced Costs: Enjoy reduced commission fees and tight spreads, which are particularly advantageous for frequent trading styles like scalping.
  • Supportive Trading Environment: Our customer support and robust trading infrastructure are geared towards enhancing your trading experience.

By signing up for rebates through our site using our specific IB code, traders not only gain financial benefits but also join a trading community supported by robust technology and dedicated service.

How to Sign Up for IC Markets Rebates

Unlocking the benefits of IC Markets Rebates is easy, and both new and existing clients can quickly integrate rebates into their trading strategy for immediate cost savings.

For New Clients:

  1. Start Your Application: Begin by applying for a new account through our specific IB link, which ensures you're eligible for rebates.
  2. Enter IB Code: During the account setup, input our IB code 2677. This step is crucial as it links your new account to the rebates program automatically.
  3. Complete Registration: Follow through with the registration steps, and upon completion, your account will be set to receive rebates on each trade.

For Existing Clients:

  1. Reach Out to Support: Log into your existing IC Markets account and initiate a conversation with customer support via Live Chat.
  2. Mention Rebate Attachment: Inform them that you wish to attach your account to the rebates program using Partner ID 2677.
  3. Provide Necessary Details: You may need to verify your account details for the change to be processed.
  4. Receive Confirmation: The support team will confirm once your account has been successfully linked to the rebates program.

Both methods ensure you start benefiting from reduced transaction costs as quickly as possible, enhancing your trading efficacy and profitability. Whether you are just setting up your trading foundation or optimizing an existing setup, our rebate program is designed to provide significant value by diminishing trading expenses.

IC Markets Global Discount: Spread Comparison

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Considering IC Market? Try Our Demo to See Why We're #1!

Trade a Demo and see why IC Markets is ranked #1 in the industry.

Unmatched Rebate Offer for IC Markets' Raw Spread Accounts: Enjoy Exceptional Savings

  • $5.50 per round turn lot for cTrader & MT5 Raw Spread (1.00/ Vol Lot)
  • Enjoy a 21% automatic discount on all currency trades
  • Benefit from low spreads starting from 0.0 pips for EUR/USD
  • Experience fast execution speeds and access to interbank liquidity
  • FSA regulated to protect your capital